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“I’ve always had a lot of tabs, and in this job, I know I need to refer to this again. The ball isn't always in my court.”

Jill H. , Software Tester

“Today, I'm responsible for moving over a bunch of Cloud Assets. I have a Jira ticket. I have a Slack message. There's documentation. I like to be able to close them.

Cody R. , DevOps Engineer

“The minute I have to switch to a different tool to manage a project, I lose focus. I lose focus so fast.  My brain immediately begins to type in a social site like twitter or facebook. I need a tool to stay focused on one project.”

Lydia F. , Web Designer

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“Flowyak made the Joe Rogan's deal possible. We all did DMT together, while Eddie Bravo told conspiracy stories. It was a lot of fun!”.
Daniel Ek
"Without Flowyak, Barnes & Noble would have killed us a long time ago. Their only goal is to make small startups succeed and they are very good at it".
Jeff Bezos
"Flowyak was our first guest. He slept in our living room and cooked the breakfast for all of us.".
Brian Chesky