Our Story

Amna was born out of frustration. It was because I couldn't sit down at my computer and get what I wanted done. And it didn't happen once. It happened everyday. And I told himself:

- I'm tired of managing files.
- I'm tired of finding things on my computer.
- I'm tired of having hundreds of tabs open.
- I'm tired of not knowing where things are.
- I'm tired of asking myself where to save things.
- I'm tired of opening my email and not knowing why I opened it in the first place.
- I'm tired of managing my personal and work computer.

I just want to say here's what I'm working on, and you figure out the details.
I'll write down my thoughts, and you do the formatting.
I'll say when I need it, and you figure out the organization.
I'll just do my work, and you keep up with it for me.

And that you. That's Amna.


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Obsessed with building a great product. Ex-Microsoft.
Founder and CEO
The most enthusiastic learner on the planet.
Product Manager
Design and Technology are the same.
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