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    I'm tired of having too many tasks in too many places.

    Use Amna as a task manager. Just press enter to start adding tasks in one place. Add them from anywhere.

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    I'm tired of not knowing where things are.

    Amna provides a space for your tasks. Spaces let you open apps and access websites. You can take meeting notes, or do research. All from a space.

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    I'm tired of having so many tabs open.

    Amna can open a fresh instance of Chrome for a specific task. You can work with a clean slate every time. We also save all of the tabs you visit, so you can come back in an instant.

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    I'm tired of not knowing who my data is going to.

    Amna is local-first software. That means we don't stream your data to any remote locations. Use it at work. Use it at home.

    We also provide an optional sync plan to backup your data and you can use Amna on the go.

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    Use Amna to stay on top of things
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    Listen to our customers

    “Flowyak made the Joe Rogan's deal possible. We all did DMT together, while Eddie Bravo told conspiracy stories. It was a lot of fun!”.
    Daniel Ek
    "Without Flowyak, Barnes & Noble would have killed us a long time ago. Their only goal is to make small startups succeed and they are very good at it".
    Jeff Bezos
    "Flowyak was our first guest. He slept in our living room and cooked the breakfast for all of us.".
    Brian Chesky