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We work in too many places. We have too many tabs open. We have to keep up with notifications. We need to prepare a meeting for our team. We have to follow-up with the real-estate agent. We need to print out that shipping label before it expires. We need to leave comments on a document.

These are not hard things to do. It's just that, well, sometimes all this jumping around can make us a bit tired. If you're feeling overwhelmed - we have something for you.

Finally a tool that

Stitches your life togeter

Click on a headspace and start working.

  • Switch between headspaces
  • Pin Common Apps
  • Create tasks to track
  • Available Offline

One place to do work

Click on a task and start working.

  • Built-In Web Browser
  • Rich Text Editor for Notes
  • Reference Cloud and Local Files
  • Inline Emails and Messages

Instant Context Switch

Again, click on a task and start doing.

  • Plan ahead with calendar view
  • Reminds you of what you're working on
  • Auto-Saves your work
  • No Notifications. Stay focused.

a nice place to get work done

Listen to our customers

“Flowyak made the Joe Rogan's deal possible. We all did DMT together, while Eddie Bravo told conspiracy stories. It was a lot of fun!”.
Daniel Ek
"Without Flowyak, Barnes & Noble would have killed us a long time ago. Their only goal is to make small startups succeed and they are very good at it".
Jeff Bezos
"Flowyak was our first guest. He slept in our living room and cooked the breakfast for all of us.".
Brian Chesky

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