Feb 28, 2021

Showing Calendar Events on your Task List

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Ravi Lingineni


Calendars drive clarity when you have a lot things to do. They help the most with ambiguity.

You’re not left wondering what you want to do at a certain hour, or the appointments that you have coming up at later times.

single day view on a calendar

single day view on a calendar

Often the associated productivity method in this space is timeboxing. It’s a method where you allocate every bit of your day to something specific.

However, timeboxing can be overwhelming for the first-time user. It requires strict discipline. It also requires you to own control over your entire schedule.

If you’re a flat to-do list person like me, you prefer a more flexibile approach to events. Put them on your to-do list.

Then you have one source of execution, and as long as you finish the list, your day ends happily. 🙌

Calendar Events with Tasks

In Amna’s expert mode, we built an ability to plot calendar events alongside your daily events.

single day view on a calendar

single day view on a calendar

At a single glance, you can see your meetings for the day along side your tasks. Whether it was a business meeting or writing a letter, it can be accounted for in one-view.


The beauty of Amna is the ability to “play” your tasks. This means that you can click on them and jump right in.

If your meeting has a Zoom Link or Google Meet, with just one-click, you can play yourself right into the meeting.

take meetings directly from amna

take meetings directly from amna

Any tab or links that folks mention can be opened as new tabs, and will automatically be saved back.

If you have an upcoming meeting you can prepare before hand. Amna will save your work, so you have it ready to go.

amna saves your work as you do it

amna saves your work as you do it

If you don’t finish writing your paper today, it’s as easy just right-clicking and moving it to the next day. Your work is moved along it.

right click and move to next day

right click and move to next day

Import from other Calendars

Amna currently supports importing calendar events from both Google and Outlook Calendars.

To import events, simply head over to the settings view in expert mode. Try Amna for free for 14 days, and if you find value, purchase our lifetime expert plan!

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