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Amna is a task player. It let's you create tasks, start working, and resume them at later times.

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Tasks that Run

Every task in Amna is playable. You can connect your files, browser, and notes to a task.

To start working, just click.

What I like is that I have a screen that has everything. I have my Jira Ticket, slack message, documentation. It’s all just there, and I can close it.

Brian Schuster -  

Lead at IBM

Browser that Saves

Amna can summon your browser and saves your sessions. Meaning you can close and retrieve tabs with ease.

Your browser is a part of something bigger. Your task.

Amna replaced my 6 windows across 2 browsers. Having a lot of windows was slowing me down.

Aurum Kathuria -  

Student at UC Berkeley

Desktop that Focuses

Amna gives you a task bar. It lets you work on one thing at a time, with a constant reminder of the task at hand.

ichigyo-zammai - full concentration on a single act

A lot of the value of is the commitment to myself of one thing at a time. It’s like focused workspaces for any task

Omar Diab -  

CTO at

If you've forgotten a time when you had less than five tabs open, try amna

Cyrus Roshan, Software Engineer

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Expert Features

our expert version unlocks a few more features


Organize your tasks into lists for your different thinking caps


Set due dates and set tasks as recurring to schedule for the future.


Search through all of your past actions in one go

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