May 20, 2020

Considerate Design Decisions

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Ravi Lingineni


Amna is opinionated in design. We care about you accomplishing your work. A lot of people appreciate Amna’s design towards high spacing and non-overwhelming design.

At Amna, there were 3 important things in getting the design to work.

  1. No Urgent Decisions

Amna will never ask you to make decisions. That means no annoying popups that take you away from your flow.

[image of decison here]

Most actions for Amna happen inline, and right next to your actions. It’s not necessary that you act on them right away.

  1. High Transparency

When you onboarded, you might have read that Amna collects telemetry.

[image of front-page here]

From loading, to where information is stored, and to create a really great experience of the future, we show our users to know what’s happening.

  1. Context-First

If you’re using Amna on a laptop, and you close it, and re-open it, you’ll notice that your browser minmizes itself, and brings you back to Amna.

It’s a subtle example of how Amna keeps you centered around your primary task. It’s an opinionated way of taking you away from an overwhelming path.